You appreciate eccentric, quirky things, and like to put yourself in environments that are different from your own, so that you are exposed to as a much new stimuli as possible. In your horoscope, Aries rules communication and education. When Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius, not only will communication and travel get chaotic, but we can also expect an added dose of mayhem when it comes to our technology. Its possible that well lose touch with our sensitive sides, so we need to do our best to handle any conversations we have during this time with care. They have a distaste for narrow-mindedness and glib groupthink that is contrary to the principles of individual freedom and integrity of speech. If Mercury was transiting this sign at the moment of your birth, this need is characteristic of your intellect. They do not necessarily have to believe or feel strongly about the ideals they promote. If you are born under Mercury in Aquarius, you tend to have a quirky and creative way of thinking. Their sense of humor is might be too much for some people, but they see things from a unique perspective, what allows them to have witty, surprising remarks that are appreciated in a social setting. Values and self-worth are under the cosmic spotlight. A natal Aquarius Mercury implies that you like to question what you are told. The rest of the horoscope can overshadow in a thousand ways your Mercury sign. If youre a typical Sun Aquarius, you often want to play your part within society, politics or your community. Mercury is interacting with all of the heavy-hitters, giving voice to how some of these energies will manifest this year. WebMercury in Aquarius separates feelings from thoughts. They show a type of bravery to defy conventions and bring a fresh perspective. But this is more about control than a lack of sentiment. Whatever they are convinced of, it is not something they can be easily dissuaded from believing. Youll find her at parties talking to a group of friends instead of dancing, taking an art history class instead of playing on the volleyball team, or spending the night in with her favorite book and a glass of wine. While their offbeat nature can be engaging, they have also been known to step on toes and hurt feelings with their devotion to logic. 2022, part of the Hopnetic network. The unique energy of Mercury transiting Aquarius is very much like a comet its fast, its dramatic and it adds an extra element of zing to our lives. Your future-minded approach may have you looking so far forward that your thoughts end up ahead of their time. You are not always direct and honest as a result of this desire to please, appease, and keep the peace. After spending the past few weeks in serious Capricorn, Mercury, the planet of communication, is entering Aquarius on January 8. People with several planets in their chart are in interested in many topics, they usually like science and have a talent for it, and in some way, they are unusual. Gemini rules play rather than work in your horoscope. In They are the ultimate visionaries! March 21st, 2023 New Moon In Aries. You will be financially strong. The area of transport also is impacted by Mercury. People with this placement are often interested in less popular topics which can be labeled as weird. They are brilliant, genius, clever, friendly and amiable, rebellious and liberating. These are people who like to dress in unusual clothes, and normally change their hairstyles and hair colors often. Gemini rules children, romance and fun. It is very important for them to feel a sense of independence and sovereignty even when they are participating in a group or joint arrangement. People with Mercury in Virgo are helpful and thoughtful communicators People love being in their company & give importance to what they say. Nevertheless, you dont mind the resulting debates. Outspoken, opinionated, and unconventional, she focuses on truth seeking at all times. The native with Mercury in Aquarius is a clever reasoner, but does not altogether disdain sophistry. You may feel hopeless about a financial situation or have a sense that you need to surrender to life rather than fight against it. They enjoy being part of a group, although they strongly retain a sense of individualism. Mercury in Aquarius is the idealistic philosopher, highly intellectual and visionary. These cookies do not store any personal information. This is the time to turn your attention to work rather than play, to your everyday routine, your fitness and health. These ideas can be put into action at a later time and people will be receptive to them. They may be open to unconventional and even perverse relationship arrangements that can run contrary to the conventional sensibilities and standards of society. And they also can complete any task easily by doing so. Aquarius is creative, individualistic, tolerant, humane. They are kind and fun people to be with. Mercury is the closest planet to Sun and thats why it seems to be planet related to deity connection & devotion. People with this placement may have a capacity for learning computer science and other scientific areas of knowledge. Mercury signs describes how you solve problems, what your thoughts tend to revolve around, how you come to conclusions, but also how you communicate with others. But it also means that you dont always have your emotional needs met. At the same time, they are rather fixed in their thinking. They are inclined to intellectualize the principles of individuality and freedom. Of all the airy Mercury placements, Aquarius may be the least other-oriented. LEARN ASTROLOGY WebMercury in Aquarius natives can see the big picture and will depict facts as required. Mercury stations retrograde on January 14, 2022, at 1020 Aquarius, and stations direct on February 3, 2022, at 2423 Capricorn. Mercury Combust in Aquarius 2023: The planet Mercury occupies a special place among all the planets as its effects are extremely beneficial for the WebBrowse the best December 2022 deals on Mercury vehicles for sale in Provo, UT. Various Types of Astrology Depicted Over-ages, Top Benefits of Getting an Astrology reading, The basic idea of astrology linked with black magic. WebMercury in Aquarius. Some discussions may feel cold or emotionally removed, but consider this a workout for the open-minded, innovative side of your brain. Mercurys day is Wednesday, so the best time for ritual work would be Wednesday, January 30, at dawn. Find out with a FREE Essential Birth Report samplepersonalized birth report now. 28th February 2023 By Sally Kirkman Leave a Comment. For those who are still unemployed, it is seen bringing the good news of the planet Mercury. They prefer to differentiate themselves rather than fall in line with the conventional and typical cliches typically often adopted by those around them. Furthermore, they prefer to march to their own drum and write their own rules rather than conform to conventional expectations. They may also be particularly interested in politics where it concerns individual freedom and speech. Aquarius is the Sign of friendship, of social connection, and of progressive thinking. This gives your thoughts a progressive edge -- theres no coloring inside the lines for you! Our thoughts and ideas become more progressive when Mercury sets up camp in Aquarius. In childhood, Mercury in Aquarius people might be shy and anxious. Expect a few "a-ha" moments courtesy of this dynamic duo! If weve had any "out there" thoughts, this is our chance to reassess them before we reveal them to the world. He always stands out because he is never doing what everyone else is. People born under Mercury in Aquarius, hate rules, regulations & schedule they just cant follow a single one in life. Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23rd, where it will remain until 2043. Then, on the 25th, Mars moves on and enters water sign Cancer. Though they live in pursuit of some idealized version of existence where humanity is better, these folks aren't exactly into actually engaging with the rest of the world. Since intellectual stimulation is your aphrodisiac, you will also find yourself immediately attracted to obvious intelligent people, like Mercury in Gemini and Virgo. Lucky Jupiter is pulled into the Aries picture as it teams up with the planet of love and money Venus on the 2nd and talk planet Mercury on the 28th. And also with their intellect, they can perform well in science and research related works. Have your say, find your voice and join in with your tribe to make a difference. They are often quiet and like spending time on their own, reading, learning. If youre a typical Sun Aquarius, you often want to play your part within society, politics or your community. As Plutos a generational planet, the themes may not resonate with you immediately. Youre an engaging conversationalist who always have something interesting and insightful to share, and you possess a clever wit that keeps those around you laughing and thinking. Want to know if YOUR Mercury is in Aquarius? They often have the potential to rise to great power but actually prefer a position of high influence over one that is more glamorous. While hes got Mercury conjunct Jupiter, a classic aspect for a comedian, the square to Neptune says something about hisweirder side. WebMercury in 11th House for Aquarius Mercury in the 11th house in Aquarius is a placement that can give rise to an intellectual free spirit who often directs his mental energy towards social activities and philanthropic endeavors. He is straightforward and doesnt believe in theories. > Some dreams are big as continents. For entertainment purposes only Its about conversation, connection and asking for what you want or need. When Mercury retrogrades through Aquarius, your fantasy life can become richer and more real, manifesting in dreams and daydreams that feel incredibly real. Were wrapping up a three-year chapter. Its because Mercury is bogged down in Capricorn. Mercury can make Aquarius an individual fall in love with panoramic activities, theories, and astrology also, which is quite different from Aquarius personality trait. In fact, you may find that you cant stop talking with this planetary influence and you may be putting the world to rights. You prefer to do things your own way. Above all, he thinks that the right way is the only way that gives him happiness. Like, yikes!!!! WebContact Us About The Company Profile For Mercury Financial Group, Inc. MERCURY FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. UTAH CORPORATION - DOMESTIC - PROFIT: WRITE REVIEW: They may have a special ability for picking up and learning technical skills and harnessing them effectively. The biggest reason why Mercury in Aquarius men succeed as artists, musicians, inventors, writers and more is because they are able to look into the future to see what others cant. About, Copyright 2023 Sally Kirkman Astrologer. She thinks for herself and most people can find her quite opinionated, outspoken, independent, courageous, intellectual, expressive, inventive, and intuitive. Saturn moves into Pisces and your personal money sector. Debate isn't a pastime for them but a necessity. Probably one of their best abilities is to adapt to circumstances and new situations. You can always tell when a Mercury in Aquarius woman is making her presence known, because she looks like shes having so much fun that everyone else wants to get in on it. What Is an Ideal Dream Date for Your Zodiac Sign? Mercury can apply all its craftiness to accomplish goals of the mind, often at the benefit of people around them. Whether it is art, music, writing, restoring old furniture, you like to be able to bring things into the world and change what you find. Mercury is an essential planet in astrology. Highlights of Mercury in Aquarius Woman 1. And for Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. You like to spend your time with people who are in some way original themselves too. But the same Aquarius brings inconsistency, impatience and dogmatic attitude in an Aquarius individual. Pluto's transits are generational, so Plutos move into Aquarius is a big one. And for Aquarius, it brings a positive way more than any negative and makes their life much easier. Positive keywords for Mercury in Aquarius: Negative keywords for Mercury in Aquarius: The mind of a Mercury in Aquarius dwells in some indistinct era in the next millennium. Copyright Ryan Hart Publishing LLC - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy. Its okay to focus on all the thoughts buzzing around in your brain, but its also okay to take a break from time to time so you can reconnect with your softer side. This may involve going back to school, taking a test or exam or passing new qualifications. Let us scroll through the entire article to know how Mercury being combust in Aquarius affects the lives of people who come under its influence. Mercury In Aquarius: Rebellious Thinking Season. Its ruling planet is the first transcendental planet, Uranus (in modern astrology, it is ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology). In you have this Mercury sign in your horoscope, your mind works differently. You may have been on something of a roller-coaster ride in one of these key areas since the middle of last year. March 21st, 2023 New Moon In Aries. Additionally, Aquarius Mercury males are prone to developing proficiency and aptitude with technical skills and their use of tools. In the birth chart, Mercury speaks about how you communicate. She is one who believes in non-conformity and wanting to be her own person even if it goes against the grain of what society expects. Her logical approach to life enables Mercury will make the beginning of 2022 memorable, as its retrograde passage from Aquarius to Capricorn will disrupt the status quo and foster aligning with a more authentic path forward. Saturn is your traditional ruling planet and is leaving Aquarius, your star sign. So lets start, with our knowledgeable journey. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the Planet of Technology, Innovation, and Rebellion. But theres an upside to Mercurys retrograde through Aquarius, too. Opinionated and off-the-wall, these folks will not be silenced, regardless of how their thoughts are perceived. WebMercury In Aquarius Aquarius is a sign thats defined by the unconventional. Its original, unique point of view serves the advancement of humanity at a larger scale. They have a very clever mind and their ability to think abstractly is unparalleled. They are also very eccentric which can make it easier for them to stand out from the crowd. Pluto's transits are generational, so Plutos move into Aquarius is a big one. Plus, the following day, the 21st, theres a New Moon here, a symbol of new beginnings. He will only believe in facts as well as realities. Your email address will not be published. They may also project a sense of confidence more so than the rest and if you look at it closely, this is simply due to their belief in their ability to do things right. Jim Carrey was born at a Mercury-Neptune square. They prefer to discuss superficial things. This ends up being a good thing since well have the ability to look at life from a different angle and gain fresh perspectives. Mercury In Aquarius. Imaginative, impressionable, malicious, emotional, sensitive. And because Aquarius is very forward-looking, we may also spend time thinking about how to make our futures bright. It is not possible to give a fully accurate reading without considering the various elements of the chart, including planetary combinations, aspects, friendships, directional strength, and more. If you have an Aquarius Mercury, your water-bearer energy comes through most in how you communicate and share information. Plutos been moving through Capricorn and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. & similarly, mercury occupies the Aquarius sign. Furthermore, these individuals may harbor a rather non-exclusive perspective when it comes to relationships. Negative: Revolutionary and arrogant. Mercury is just 15 degrees from the Sun in the sky, so it is difficult to see. Celebrities born under Mercury in Aquarius include Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna, Christian Bale, and Eddie Redmayne. Intellectually, they are averse to backward and close minded traditions. If you didnt integrate your natal Aquarius Mercury properly, you might end up lost in abstract theories that clash with reality. Mercury is most efficient and effectively placed in Virgo, sign of its rulership and exaltation. Mercury has left Capricorn for Aquarius. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. However, their fixed nature and high intelligence can blind them to the flaws in their "truth." Web Humor especially if Mercury is in Air signs i.e. In the birth chart, this placement suggests that you are stubborn and self-willed. Mercury in Aquarius indicates that you are detached from your own emotions too. They tend to know everything before being told even, they are know it all type of person and thats why their keyword is I know . Theyre willing to stand out and for their individuality and sense of authenticity. By Holiday Mathis. by Ryan Hart | Updated on July 1, 2021 | Post may contain affiliate links. Reasoning and statistical abilities is bestowed by Mercury. Action planet Mars is on the move this month after an unusually long stay in your fellow air sign Gemini. Our most powerful dreams and aspirations may come up for review, and we can use this transit to discard what we know is no longer working in our reality. Its about creative writing, your hobbies and leisure activities. These people have a very active mind. With all kinds of progressive or challenging ideas being tossed around, expect some lively debates. For example, a Mercury in twelfth house is way more reserved and self-reflective than an outgoing, life of the party Mercury in first house. The area of transport also is impacted by Mercury. Furthermore, they may be inclined to embrace contrarian ideas sometimes for the sake of embracing contrarian ideas. Mercury, the planet of communication and voice can make things easier as well worst, depending upon the sign it's entering, it's the ruling planet and all. EXPLORE TAROT.COM As Saturn is the planet of authority, commitment and discipline, notice where youve stepped up your game or become more serious about your personal goals and aims over the last couple of years. Because you are so intelligent, you can also come across as a bit condescending as you can get annoyed when people dont understand thoughts and ideas as quickly as you do. Sharing ideas and brainstorming could be productive. The ultimate purpose of Mercury in Aquarius is to enrich society with fresh ideas. Not good for hard sciences but excellent for art and literature. It is also interested in technology and innovative ideas. When Mercury is in Aquarius, you have a strong and progressive imagination that fuels creative and philosophical pursuits. Intellectually, they may be opposed to traditional structures of marriage and holy matrimony especially in the legal sense. It also represents ideas coordination & our thoughts. Idle chatter doesn't appeal to the Aquarius Mercury mind. If you want to read about the meaning of Mercury through the houses, find your placement here. Mercury in Aquarius is the idealistic philosopher, highly intellectual and visionary. This apparent intellectual superiority complex can intimidate others at times. March is a positive time to use your connections, teach others and pass on what you know. They are fascinated with conspiracy theories and information that challenges or subverts established notions. For Mercury, this includes lucky, random and quick witted. They just do the things their way, which may seem off to others but is really organized for such Aquarians. What does planet Mercury brings in the life of different signs they retrograde in or are present in a particular sign. This can be very healthy for you, as you can walk away from people that you love but arent good for you. Pluto now moving through this air sign is all about the progression of humanity, and about focusing more on what is going to serve the collective rather than just the self. This is an excellent placement. March 3, 2023 4 min read. After all, Aquarius rules electricity, technology, and the Internet. They are generally emotionally detached from the ideas and ideals they espouse. People with this placement often use sophisticated verbiage, sometimes getting a bit too technical for the average person. Web4.7 3 Reviews. Science fiction is a common interest for some The Mercury in Aquarius woman is quick, talented and entertaining. You might also feel a bit more emotionally removed at this time, which allows you to think more rationally and clearly. You may be a local activist, a voice for your community, or a teacher. sober as a church mouse,
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